Saturday, May 29, 2010

Delaney loves the old classics like The Wizard of Oz, The Parent Trap and Marry Poppins. Well I knew that when I saw the broadway musical of Mary Poppins coming to Denver in March, I would buy tickets. Delaney would love to go. We went with a few of my friends and their daughters, Maggie and McKenna. They are 5th grade and 3rd grade respectively but they are so good with Delaney and she adores them. We went to lunch and then the Buell Theater. Delaney was in awe, I mean she has never even been the a movie theater, let alone this. We did get into trouble for taking the pictures you see above because no photography is allowed in the theater. Well all I wanted was a picture of my baby sitting in her seat. She sang along with the songs and had a great experience. She hasn't stopped talking about it!

Life goes too fast

The girls LOVE Nolan next door. They always want to play with him and even make room in their Escalade for him. All three of them talk over the backyard fence and play every chance they get. Nolan's baby brother AJ will be making them all a foursome soon. Delaney tells us all the time that she is going to marry Nolan and Kennedy is going to marry AJ. Those boys will definantly have good catches. Phil is watching them out of the corner of his eye and approves wholeheartedly of the unions:)

Man, where do I begin? I can't seem to find time for my blog, but I want it to be a record of our life so I am vowing to improve. Let's not hold our breath, but I will try to update at least once a week. (wink wink)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Busy January

Wow, January was very busy for us. We were on the go every weekend going to something...The Sportsmans Show, The Kidz Expo, The Stock Show an Avalanche game... We had fun at each place and the girls really are getting into going to places like these. There is so much to see and do. Delaney climbed a rock wall, they both fished in a pond, Phil and I found unique things to buy, we won an all expense paid trip to Mexico....all in all it wasn't a bad month.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas was so magical this year! We have one little girl who truly believes and another one who doesn't really know what to expect, but follows the lead of her big sister. We don't put any presents out until Christmas Eve for many reasons which include but are not limited to the dogs chewing off the wrapping and mauling whatever is inside as well as little girls just taking it upon themselves to see a beautifully wrapped gift and immediately start ripping it open. So needless to say when the girls, meaning Delaney, walk down the stairs on Christmas morning, eyes were bright with wonder and complete awe for what they see before them. We tell the girls they can ask for one gift from Santa. So this year we encouraged Delaney to ask for a new bike. She debated about it but really thought she wanted a scooter. Pink and purple of course. She thought that Kennedy would want a baby pink and purple scooter. Hmmm. So the request went out and we had to wait for Christmas morning to see what Santa would bring. Imagine everyones surprise and excitement when what did we find under our tree but TWO pink and purple scooters, complete with helmets and knee pads! He brought Delaney a two wheel scooter and Kennedy a three wheel "baby" scooter. That Santa is one amazing dude! Santa even knows requests that are not spoken directly to him, because not only did mommy and daddy get their presents from each other, but Santa left a new camera, a video recorder, and new Maui Jim and Revo sunglasses for them! We must have been really GOOD this year:)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Visit with Santa

We went to see the big guy last night. The event was not without drama. We saw the line and asked how long the wait was. About 20 minutes was the response. Great! We timed it perfectly. The girls could surely last that long. As we waited and the line did not move, we were wondering what was up. One of Santa's elves came around and told us that the printer was jamming and that it would be fixed soon. The money making overshadows the spirit of the season. After about 1 hour and 30 minutes we made it to the front. Delaney informed us that she had to go to the bathroom. After much adu we had our turn on Santa's lap. Delaney kindly said "Thank you for my Escalade last time." His response "I'm so glad the Escalade was a big hit!" Santa is such a nice man and he has SUCH a wonderful memory! Kennedy was not too thrilled when we sat her on his lap, but we tried our best to distract her and did get a decent picture. Delaney let Santa know what her wishes were for this year and also informed him of what Kennedy would like. We will just have to wait and see what Santa brings this year!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I wasn't much for Halloween after about the age of 12, but it is absolutely reborn when you see it through the eyes of your children.

We had a kitty cat and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz make an appearance this Halloween. Delaney is pictured with her friend Trinidy who was also Dorothy. We had some friends over to trick or treat and although Phil pulled a wagon in which Delaney rode the whole way, Kennedy walked all night and in between falling and getting loads of candy, was a complete trooper all night.

She would run and sometimes follow other groups of people until someone retreived her, then she would just keep running! She quickly figured out what happened at each door. With daddy's assistance, Kennedy would walk up the steps of each house, get her candy, reach for daddy's finger to help her down from the porch, then take off running. In complete contrast, Delaney rode in the wagon. Once they got to a driveway, she would step out, walk to the door to get her candy, then step back into her "limo" to be driven to the next house. She was eating her stash while getting her ride. Momma didn't raise no fool:)

After making the neighborhood loop, it was back to our house for appetizers and dessert. It was a fun night with great friends!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Freezing Today

This is for all you desert dwellers who probably miss some cold days when you can curl up in a blanket and snuggle with your kids by the fire to pass the day. Who are we kidding? I'm at work and only wishing that was how I was spending my day. It is a balmy 42 degrees after a warm 85 degrees yesterday. Only in Colorado I guess! Can't wait to get home and snuggle with my girls!!